An Umbrella's History Description

Posted: April 7, 2011 in brand tornado

Who invented the umbrella? About this problem has been debate constantly. Some said that the Egyptians first used the umbrella, as early as 1200 B.C., when Egyptian aristocracy travel, they often force slaves support the parasol. The Romans used the umbrella to shade the Mediterranean Sunshine. In China, Lu’s wife invent the umbrella was at 1000 BC, umbrella called “can move houses”.

Britain started using umbrella was in the 18th century. Umbrella has always been women’s favorite supplies, because it representation the attitude of woman’s love. Shadow bane umbrella, represent undying  love; Left hand pick up the open umbrella, representation: “I have no spare time now”; Slowly shaking An umbrella, representation no confidence or distrust; An umbrella put on the right shoulder, representation that do not want to see you again.

By the 19th century man began to use the umbrella.

Umbrellas are the indispensable part in British life; it became the symbol of traditional British way of life. Become London businessmen and officials essential supplies, between literary works and movie that are indispensable. British established umbrella museum in 1969. Umbrella has many uses. Sometimes umbrella is used as a weapon. In 1978, in Waterloo Bridge, assassin used umbrella tip stabbed a group of exiled Bulgaria person, died for poisonings. Some umbrella handles can spray pepper, used to prevent being the dog bites.

Britain has a tear gas umbrella, if encounter gangsters, one click the umbrella handles, can eject tear gas, can drive the criminals. The umbrella can also predict people’s luck, if an umbrella falls on the ground, don’t pick it up yourself, otherwise, bad luck is coming(Should be superstitious). Don’t open an umbrella in house, and can’t put an open umbrella on the bed.

See here, did you feel an umbrella also has so many uses?


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