Calvin Klein 2011 Swimsuit Blockbusters

Posted: April 8, 2011 in fashion brand
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D&G Swimsuit
After 90s super male mold Simon Nessman shoot for Calvin Klein a group of 2011 swimsuit series the latest advertising blockbuster. Simon Nessman, because Givenchy of 08 autumn and  winter endorsements and the remarkable, Simon Nessman unceasingly in the <<Vogue>>, <<Numero>>, << GQ Style>>, <<V Man>>, <<L ‘Officiel Hommes>> and other fashion magazine show up. in 2010 Simon  Nessman’s career continues to smooth development, in one fell swoop to get Versace, Givenchy, CK1 underwear, D&G, Ralph Lauren Rugby, Lanvin for H & M and many other great ads, as of December31, 2010, Simon Nessman has male model in the world ranked third on the list.


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