Tita Cervantes – The Most Beautiful Stripper

Posted: April 8, 2011 in fashion brand

Tita Cervantes –  The Most Beautiful Stripper, demonstrate low-heeled shoes beautiful collocation
“Striptease” Tita – Cervantes completed from porn stars to Fashion beauties fashion transformation, This Hollywood actress often appear in each big fashion ceremony and magazine covers. Actually, Tita – Cervantes is good at historical clothing design, so she can grasp of fashion. Now have a look this legendary actress in the early spring is how collocation low-heeled shoes.

Very stylish black windbreaker, Tie-in black chalaza 7 minutes of pants and cloth shoes add natural style.


Charming vintage crimping fur collar coat, leopard flat shoes and backpacks catering to the classical charm. Even the waist back umbrella and made her look amorous feelings 10 thousand kinds.

Hawaii style of dress and straw hat backpack very fashionable, wedge heel also have retro fashion taste. Although wedge heel regarded as high -heeled shoes category, but feel as comfortable as flats, Shorty MM also can try.

Wave point dress very atmosphere, Straw hat and Flat boots add Retro texture.




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