How to match white dress to make women more feminine?

Posted: April 9, 2011 in fashion brand
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White symbolizes purity, clean, peaceful and sacred, most can show a person noble temperament, especially in the summer, white clothing is cooler than dark clothing. The white dress is very popular clothing, not only the unique design attract women, but white dress has noble temperament characteristics. But how match clothes to reflect more women’s charm?
1.    Whole, start from the gloves, shoes, socks and coats collocation, most gloves with dress composition undertakes collocation, white series of silk dress match with white silk series gloves.
2.    From coat collocation, fall white dress can be with a dark jacket, Summer white dress, often with no coat, it is at most shawl.
3.    The collocation of shoes, summer white dress tie-in concolorous or light color cortical sandals. Autumn white dress should tie-in concolorous or light color leather shoes, sneakers.
4.    Increase accessories, such as earrings, bracelets, or hanging a color long necklace, concrete depends on the specific style of your dress, can’t wear too many accessories.
5.    Underwear tie-in often chooses the same or similar colors.
6.   Women dress is an art, suitable collocation, make you more charming and beauty.



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