Bing Can Replace Google in 2012?

Posted: April 17, 2011 in Internet

We all know that Google is currently search engine field without controversy Kings, but recent data show that Microsoft makes with all one’s strength Bing is likely a challenge for Google in the near future, there might even replace Google become search engine of a new generation of No. 1.

According to foreign media reports, deadline March 2011, Google with 64.62% market share the top spot in the U.S. search engine sit tight, but in the past 6 months, Microsoft’s Bing rapid growth speed is amazing, now Bing has dominated American search engine market 30% market share, if accordance with this growth rate keep it up, sooner or later, Bing will the status of a serious threat to Google, even replace Google.

Let us back in September 2010, at that time Google’s market share as much as 72.15%, while Bing was 23.64% market share.

Mashable site made a chart can let us clear see from last September to between march this year, between the Google and Bing the flux.

Then Mashable website according to the present development situation and produced a prophecy charts, we can see from the table, if they continue to follow the words of the current rate of development, January in 2012, Bing will usher the intersection with Google, then will replace the latter is called market NO. 1 search engine. Of course it’s just media analysis just.

Just like abroad brand industry impact the traditional Chinese brand replica handbag industry, as incompatible as fire and water, competition is intense. The reality is any company in the initial rapid development will keep a high growth rate, but in certain scale later will meet bottlenecks, so we can conclude that, Bing’s war with Google is bound to be a protracted war.

But in such a competitive environment, whether it is advantageous for us?


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