Why do so many people like to use credit card?

Posted: April 18, 2011 in Psychology

American psychologists found that, the use of cash crowd when paying consumption is more caution.

The latest issue of “Journal of Experimental Psychology” magazine survey display, the cash pay is more pain than credit card bill.

Survey show, “less transparent method of payment more like play money, so will spend more”. A test, the researchers describe a virtual restaurants and menu, inform 50% of respondents can use a credit card, the remaining 50% can only use cash. As a result, first half the amounts of respondents are willing to consume much higher than the latter.

In another test, the researchers planned a replica handbag shopping party. As a result, intentionally used credit card, who spend an average of about $175, the cash to pay to consume average about 135 dollars.

The researchers concluded that: “The more transparent payment, ‘the pain of spending money’ will more.”


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