Geshe Michael: Monks CEO’s Insight

Posted: April 20, 2011 in Encyclopedia

“A businessman, to help others succeed, then success will come naturally. To have the faith to help others, this is lessons for a businessman.”

“We need to earn the money at 5 o ‘clock in the afternoon.” Geshe Michael speaks loudly.

Saw him said, I was reminded of a wholesaler friend, his name is Heitor. He has business in US, but he often told me that his business was poor; there was only little order of those replica handbag, jewelry, and other merchandise. He soon went bankrupt. One year passed, one day, I received his phone, he was very happy, I asked the reasons why he was so exciting, and he told me that his business was now getting better. I am very surprised, he may see that my curiosity, smiled secretly, and then told me what happened this year. After listening to his story, I understand a truth, “To be successful, first to help others.” This is a simple sense, but hard to do.

Geshe Michael: very much agree. In the United States, it emphasizes the personal; I will be successful, famous. In China, traditional culture, each person paying for the community, the community will be successful, you harmony, I recognize this concept, I think China should export this idea.”

What do you think? If you do not agree, welcome to share your ideas with us.


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