What Items Should be Prepared in Traveling?

Posted: April 20, 2011 in lifestyle

The principle is to pack the luggage to a minimum limit, Try to pack into small shape parcel, Leave space to install some souvenirs and gifts during the trip. There are three tips to arrange luggages:

1, First shipment those items which do not commonly used and larger stuff, Eli handling.

2, Wrap the fragile things,such as bottled cosmetic with T-shirt or towel!

3, packing are headache things. You should make a list firstly, write down the required items, and then it will be very clear. This list should include the following four categories:

1), File class: Ticket tickets, passport, id, marriage certificate, references, a travel manual, maps, travel schedule, address books, telephone communications;

2), Small appliances: Mobile phones, cameras, film, music players, travel alarm clock, flashlight, shaver, calculator, batteries, nail clippers, can opener, small electric cup, small hangers, sewing kit, hair dryer, pen and paper;

3), Clothing: Clothes, shoes, pajamas, tie scarves, hats, gloves, swimsuit, shorts, physiological supplies, towel, cosmetics, prevent bask in water, sunglasses, adorn article, the things that wash bath, comb, toothbrush toothpaste or some replica clothing;

4), Diet: The necessary drugs, beverage, food and others.

Finally, I hope all people can have a pleasant and comfortable journey.


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