When Subordinates Made Mistakes-Useful Reaction Steps

Posted: April 20, 2011 in Fashion Style

When the manager heard one of subordinates made ​​a serious mistake, what should do? Follow these steps:

  1. Tell yourself, you should find out the truth first, not immediately respond to, because there may be something you do not know.
  2. Do not get excited, impulsive. You can go to a walk, make yourself Calm, thinking calmly. Because once your decision was wrong, you may harm a person’s future.
  3. Find out the truth of the matter; make sure your subordinates whether is deliberate or careless. Only in this way, we will not make mistakes.
  4. Interviews with them, tell them what you heard, then give him a chance to explain. Positive Thinking, questions to him, talk with a tactful tone, do not let him feel afraid.
  5. If necessary, find more facts and evidence, so you can properly to deal with the problems.

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