How to Distinguish LV Bag?

Posted: April 21, 2011 in Fashion Style

Counterfeiting is a $600 billion dollar industry, according to International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition, accounting for 7% of world trade.

“The problem with counterfeiting is that it destroys your image,” Carcelle said. “In every study we do, it shows that brand lovers are always at risk one  day to see somebody carrying an ugly counterfeit and then say ‘I don’t love them anymore. They betrayed me.'”

“Cassel said, ” we do have no surveys have revealed that sub-brand non-fans may be back one day off to see an ugly no imitation, and said, ‘I’m not like them anymore. They had me. ‘”

If the handle is light tan color is not red seams.

The most important thing is to use your common sense. Bags that are very high – so they also deserve such foreign indecent. Volume looks at a price of leather (or plastic skin volume), is neither delicate nor wear hermes, loose stitching, fading lining – those are the fake tags.

If the zipper did not LV’s logo or mark.

If the car handbag line is not uniform or irregular. LV replica handbag  are no car lines are very precise, flat zero. A label on the handle of each vehicle line and label handbags quite another wall is commensurate with the number of car lines. If necessary, count – if a handle on top of car-free 5 line, then another car line on the handle is the same 5.

If the surface is not a suitcase or handbag LV scale of 5 classes staggered decorate the text pattern: gray Trianon canvas (get Boley 1854), red and beige striped canvas hanging song (1872), striped beige and dark beige canvas (1876 Years), board Plaid Canvas (1888), and staggered text canvas (LV overlapping words, the diamond shape, four leaves and flowers, 1896 by Boley). If other patterns to be not genuine.

If the letter printed on handbags “O” is the oval square. LouisVuitton handbags genuine letters on “O” is almost a happy square.

If part of the inner lining of the small sheepskin handbag – not by the bags are so free.

Easy to buy a fake Vuitton bag genuine seamless reception was held not only to illegal drugs, and child labor too easy to believe, but also a bad investment – capital system that is a price system, the handbag is often used after season Damage to, or resulting in unexpected circumstances will not be able to is less than continued use.

Most importantly, use common sense. These are expensive bags–they should look expensive. Cheap-looking leather (or pleather) that isn’t soft and well-worn, frayed seams and discolored linings all add up to a fake bag.


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