Will you Choose Brand Replica Handbags?

Posted: April 21, 2011 in Fashion Style
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Will you choose brand replica handbags? I think that many people will say yes, but why?

The answer is simple, how many people can afford brand handbags? Only some rich women can afford that, most of us just can buy some cheap replica handbags instead. Maybe you will feel unbelievable, but that’s the truth. Everyone wants to buy a brand bag, both good-looking, and decent, many people have dreamed of owning that type of bags.

But everything there are always two sides, for some people, they will feel that replica is not a good thing, in their eyes replica handbags are made of Inferior materials and without any workmanship. Sometimes carry a replica handbag out shopping, if our friends find us carry a replica brand bag, how embarrassing it is ah. So some people are reluctant to buy these handbags. This is due to face. Same to you?

Some people will ask, would you buy it? In fact, I do not think can’t buy such handbags will lose face, on the contrary, I often use this type of handbags, it is also very convenient. Although lack of noble and generous, but it suits us these ordinary white-collar workers, if there are such handbags, I have contented.

First, from the exterior view. There is no difference between replica and genuine brand, ordinary people can’t distinguish them, they are just used different material and workmanship, and therefore, there is difference price. Maybe durability will be different, but now, handbag design emerge in endlessly, no one will use the same handbag for couple years, therefore not exist such worries.

Second, economic and practical. We all know that a genuine LV handbag probably cost $500, but a replica handbag just cost $120, most of people are not willing to spend so much money, unless you have money, when I didn’t say, you also needn’t to keep looking. Be able to bring it to variety of banquet, no one will look down on you, most of these people might use the same handbags like you, so do not care about too much.

Last, clear about what our occupations are. If you are just a small staff, you have no need to buy an expensive handbag, which only will make those gossips more despise you, that thed loss outweighs the gain. If you dressed up as a star, just to find a rich man. I have to say you are very hypocritical, don’t they know our background? If they want to contact you, they will not care about these, if you don’t do well, maybe there will be counter-productive effect, so do not deceive yourself.

In fact, our most important thing is to live happy, there are some good friends, and has a harmonious family, that is happiness. Fashion is very virtual, no one can really keep up with trends, and also do not need to catch the trend, and we only need to catch up with ourselves, that is enough.

Welcome you share your experiences with me!


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