How to identify Diamond?

Posted: April 22, 2011 in Fashion Style
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Undeniably, most people like diamonds, the rich is often worn to show off their diamonds, but many people do not know how to identify genuine and fake diamonds. Now let me introduce some methods of identifying.

The first method: Visual identification method

Diamond’s brilliance is also called “fire color”, it can reflect brightly colored, especially with downy elegant blu-ray primarily. Due to the high refractive index value diamonds and high dispersion value, caused this special diamond “fire color”. Fake diamond is no Fire color.

The second method: Line test method

Put the diamonds on a piece of paper with lines, if this is a real diamond, you can’t see the lines on paper, or it’s a replica diamond. As the diamond facets are opaque. So if it’s really a genuine diamonds, we can’t see the lines on paper.

The third method: Expiration test method

Breath on a diamond, if the vapor on the diamonds disappear immediately, it’s a real diamond; If disappear after a few seconds, compared with a fake diamond.

The fourth method: Wipe test method

You can put the diamonds on the fine sand paper to rub back and forth a few times, if the surface appeared Scratches traces, it was fake diamonds, no scratch is a real diamond.


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