Taxi Thief Leaves His Wallet Behind

Posted: April 24, 2011 in News
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When a female taxi driver woke up early on Friday, April 22, at the driver’s Apartments, she noticed her taxi was not where she had left it the previous evening. When she went out to the parking lot to look for it, along came her taxi, driven by a young white man.

As she parked the taxi, the the taxi driver ran over and confronted the thief, who immediately began to make excuses before running off to the back of the complex. The driver called the police on her cell phone.

Upon arrival, police took a report. The description of the joy-rider sounded like a particular trouble-making resident to several of the people who were watching the scene unfold: the driver had commented that the kid who stole her car had “man boobs.”

When the women driver went to drive her taxi later that day, she looked down on the floor and found the thief’s replica wallet, including his picture ID.


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