Why Czech President Klaus stole a pen?

Posted: April 24, 2011 in News
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When I saw this news at one morning, I feel surprise and funny, I think most of the people will have the same idea with me. But why the Czech President Klaus stole a pen? Whether he will stole a pen every time when he attend meetings, I think only himself know the answer. Let me share the news details with you first.

Dressed in black uniforms with golden shoulder streps, they announced the arrest in Czech and Spanish from the Tomas Garrigue Masaryk statue outside the Prague Castle at the moment a parade of the Castle Guard was ending.

Czech police only intervened after a while.

The police recorded the girls’ identity, demanded their explanation and after one hour released them.

“It was just a theatrical piece, this is what you should write,” one of the fictitious police officers told the real police.

Another said the hoax was to voice disagreement with Klaus’s conduct.

Klaus did take a pen from a table and placed in his pocket at a press conference along with Chilean President Sebastian Pinera in early April.

When this video was played out, become one of the most popular shots on YuoTube and millions of its visitors have seen them.

Klaus said “this was routinely done” that he took a pen or a notepad while on a function.

However, daily Pravo has written it was not a ballpoint, but a luxury artistic artefact by Chilean jewellers.

In fact, I also think what Klaus said is not true, if every time he wants to take a pen away, why so many people don’t know his habit? Some people joked that if he really needs a pen, I will give him a replica pen.


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