Butterfly Effect

Posted: April 25, 2011 in Psychology

70s of last century, U.S. meteorologist named Lorentz pointed out that who in explaining air system theory, the Amazon rain forest a butterfly wing vibration occasionally, maybe two weeks later can cause a tornado in Texas.

The butterfly effect is said that, very small changes in initial conditions continued to enlarge after; its future status will cause a very great difference. Some small things can be confusing, if some small things are amplified by the system, then for an organization, a country is important, can’t be confused.

Today’s enterprises, its fate is also subject to the “butterfly effect”. Consumers increasingly believe feeling, therefore, brand consumption, shopping environment, service attitude…These invisible value will become their choice of factors. So long as little attention, we are not difficult to see, some management standard, operation good company, their company philosophy will appear this sentence:

“In your Statistics, in 100 customers, only one not satisfied, so you can say only 1% of the failure, but for the customers, he received 100% of dissatisfied.”

“As long as you have once treated your customers unfriendly, 10 times the company needs or even more effort to remedy.”

“In the eyes of customers, you represent the company.”

“Today, can let enterprise fate changed “butterfly” has far more than “plan hand”, with the brands replica clothing to enter foreign markets, the private enterprise contracting railway project, enterprise monopoly are more and more micro weak and so on. Open competition make enterprise have to consider the potential factors of effect development.

Streamlining institutions, officials laid off, cancel welfare house etc, let more and more people away from the traditional protection, subsequent is depend on one to decide destiny. The result of combination of organizational and individual freedom is that, who can capture the useful for life “Butterfly” will come not from being left behind.


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