Prince William wedding tour schedule released

Posted: April 29, 2011 in Internet, News
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Outside the church in Westminster, people wait for William and Kate

1.    8:15-9:45 regular guests arrived in the northern gate of Westminster Abbey

2.    9:50 British Prime Minister and foreign dignitaries, the commonwealth heads of state and government , diplomatic corps and other guests have arrived in Westminster Abbey.

3.    10:15 Prince William and Prince Harry groomsman arrived in Westminster Abbey.

4.    10:20 a foreign royal family members attended the wedding starting from Buckingham Palace.

5.    10:38 Prince Charles and his wife Camilla will leave Clarence House to Westminster Abbey.

6.    10:40 Queen Elizabeth II and Duke of Edinburgh leave Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey.

7.    10:48 bridesmaids, groomsman, with children heading for Westminster Abbey.

8.    10:51, accompanied by his father, the bride left the hotel to Westminster Abbey.

9.    11:00 wedding officially began, through a megaphone in real-time broadcasts to those who live on the street gathering people.

10. 12:15 Prince Couple will ride carriage parade under the protection of Guards captain.

11. 13:25 The Queen and Prince Couples and other family members will be on the balcony at Buckingham Palace to pay tribute to the crowd.

12. 13:30 British royal air force for the flight performances.

“This fairy tale will have a beautiful end”

Jennie Bond a close friend of Princess Diana said Prince William and Kate’s marriage with Charles and Diana’s marriage is essentially different; this fairy tale will have a beautiful ending.

Bond said the bride Kate has 29 years old; Diana married just 20 years old. Previously, she was allowed to enter Buckingham Palace, look at what royal life is, and then decide whether to marry Prince William. So, Kate and William’s marriage is built on the basis of friendship and equality.

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