Royal wedding rehearsal – Cavalry accidentally injured

Posted: April 29, 2011 in News, travel
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When rehearsal in Hyde Park, a Cavalry accidentally fell from horseback

Fell off the horse, a cavalry is going back to clinic

Prince William and Kate Middleton wedding has already begun, 20 million Global viewers in front of the TV watching this century wedding, let us wish for them and hope they happy.

The Royal Household Cavalry will send 150-member cavalry escort Prince William and Kate.

The Royal Ceremonial Household Cavalry has always been known for a professional and robust, has never been an error in the activity. However, this rehearsal in Hyde Park, Yet there are two cavalry members broke the solemn atmosphere, fell off their horses and fell on the lawn.

That day, I’ve come to Hyde Park to watch the rehearsal, heard local people said “This time they really out embarrassing.”

Prince William himself is a member of the Royal Horse Guards. The Royal Ceremonial Household Cavalry has 349 years of history, in many important occasions executed escort mission.


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