Pakistan’s media release Bin Laden corpse photographs was identified as fake

Posted: May 3, 2011 in News
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Bin Laden "dead body photo” Been identified as fake

At May 2, Pakistan TV stations retracted previously considered was Bin Laden dead body Pictures, this photo was confirmed to be a forgery.

Pakistan’s largest television network Geo’s bureau officer said:” This is a fake picture, it appeared in the Internet in 2009.”

The bureau proprieter Jawad said:” After verification we find it is a fake photo, therefore, we recycle it.”

In photographs, the deceased forehead and the left temporal were full of blood, right eye was punctured, but left eye ball was visible, dead disheveled, Mouth slightly opened, visible teeth.

But unlike released Osama Bin Laden before the video shows have long grey and white beard, pictures of the dead face was full of pitch-black bushy beard.


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