Mother day 2011 – How to choose mothers day presents?

Posted: May 4, 2011 in lifestyle
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Mothers Day, as a holiday to thank our mothers, first appeared in ancient Greece, time is the annual January 8, while in China, USA, Canada and some other countries, is the second Sunday in May each year. With the near of Mothers Day, will you choose a best gift to your mother? At this time many people have no gift idea mother’s day, now I will tell you some of my views.

Aquarius mother’s day gifts 1.20-2.18

Aquarius mom is not easy be bounded by the traditional family or gender role, very enjoy their free space, is ahead of the front-end new women and very distinctive. Therefore, about the Aquarius mothers’ mother’s day gifts, you can go with her to visit the art exhibition, or send her the most popular products now.

Pisces mother’s day gifts 2.19-3.20

Pisces mom is romantic and sentimental, and also is the loveliest family practitioners; their character is gentle and considerate. Therefore, about the Pisces mothers’ mother’s day gift, there will not lack a bunch of carnation, and the Candlelight dinner, still have that represent everyone intimate gifts.

Aries mother’s day gifts 3.21-4.19

Aries mom is the type of positive action, you often can see that she is very busy and don’t need rest, her movement is very rapid. Therefore, the best gift about Aries mothers’ mother’s day gifts; you can buy some products that can increase the efficiency of household, for example: wireless telephones, multi-function remote control, and automatic electronic pan.

Taurus mother’s day gifts 4.20-5.20

Taurus mom is a type of diligence and frugality mother; she is a very economical finance minister in home, a cut cost is the only credo in life. Therefore, the best gift to Aries mothers’ mother’s day gifts are that some things with long-term store of value, such as: Gold jewelry, financial funds, brand name Omega watch, diamond ring and so on.

Gemini mother’s day gifts 5.21-6.21

Gemini mom is a type of knowledgeable mother, is the standard of education mother, her features is versatile. Therefore, the best gift to Gemini mothers’ mother’s day gifts are that some things with IT performance, for example: Internet-enabled computer, the fourth TV reception, a variety of consumer and Information magazine.

Cancer mother’s day gifts 6.22-7.22

Cancer mom is a traditional type of family mother, meticulous care of their children, home is her whole world. So it is best to send her some gifts that can reduce the domestic labor, such as: washing machines, microwave ovens, or vacuum cleaners.

Leo mother’s day gifts 7.23-8.22

Leo mom is loyal to family, protection desire strong and mercy, she loves her children and energetic. So it’s best to send her some with exalted properties of gifts, such as: brand replica handbag with identity symbol, noble omega watch.

Virgo mother’s day gifts 8.23-9.22

Virgo mom usually very sensible, but will high-standard, pursue perfect, she has high expectations for their children, and hopes her children will have a brilliant future. So your gift best looks very delicate and exquisite, for instance: Tiffany Jewelry, Advanced Cosmetics, and Gorgeous Dress.

Libra mother’s day gifts 9.23-10.22

Libra mom will try to create a harmonious and peaceful family life for her children, she never brusque when disciplining a child, will stand each other’s position to imagine. Cooperation and sharing is her features. Therefore, the best gift for Libra mother mother’s day is that you find time heart-to-heart talk with your mother, watch programs and do household chores together.

Scorpius mother’s day gifts 10.23-11.21

Scorpio mom is likely to become the emotional center of the family, her feelings strong, sensitive and eager, between you and your children have a very close relationship. Work hard and self-reliance are her features. You’d better send some gifts with a personal value, for instance: Handmade cards, Body sculpting and maintenance supplies, or Health Insurance.

Sagittarius mother’s day gifts 11.22-12.21

Sagittarius mom optimistic, with good sense of humor, can make her children’s lives energetic. She often hopes children shall be ready to realize their aspirations anywhere all over the country and attain a yet higher goal. Lively and enlightened is her features. So the best mothers day gifts for her is that you can enjoy the exercise program with your mother, or short trip attractions.

Capricorn mother’s day gifts 12.22-1.19

Capricorn mom is a type of conservative and silent mother, example is precept, and does not wordy, and she works hard, is a typical fatherly strict mother of new era. On mother’s day, you should say to your mother:”mom, thanks for your nurture, I love you.” And you also can take her to bubble hot spring.

Finally, I want to say is, parents’ love is universal and selfless, in fact, whatever gifts are not important; the important is that we must have a thankful heart.

Here, I give my greetings to my mother:” thank you for everything over the years, mom. I want to wish you a happy mother’s day.”


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