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Outside the church in Westminster, people wait for William and Kate

1.    8:15-9:45 regular guests arrived in the northern gate of Westminster Abbey

2.    9:50 British Prime Minister and foreign dignitaries, the commonwealth heads of state and government , diplomatic corps and other guests have arrived in Westminster Abbey.

3.    10:15 Prince William and Prince Harry groomsman arrived in Westminster Abbey.

4.    10:20 a foreign royal family members attended the wedding starting from Buckingham Palace.

5.    10:38 Prince Charles and his wife Camilla will leave Clarence House to Westminster Abbey.

6.    10:40 Queen Elizabeth II and Duke of Edinburgh leave Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey.

7.    10:48 bridesmaids, groomsman, with children heading for Westminster Abbey.

8.    10:51, accompanied by his father, the bride left the hotel to Westminster Abbey.

9.    11:00 wedding officially began, through a megaphone in real-time broadcasts to those who live on the street gathering people.

10. 12:15 Prince Couple will ride carriage parade under the protection of Guards captain.

11. 13:25 The Queen and Prince Couples and other family members will be on the balcony at Buckingham Palace to pay tribute to the crowd.

12. 13:30 British royal air force for the flight performances.

“This fairy tale will have a beautiful end”

Jennie Bond a close friend of Princess Diana said Prince William and Kate’s marriage with Charles and Diana’s marriage is essentially different; this fairy tale will have a beautiful ending.

Bond said the bride Kate has 29 years old; Diana married just 20 years old. Previously, she was allowed to enter Buckingham Palace, look at what royal life is, and then decide whether to marry Prince William. So, Kate and William’s marriage is built on the basis of friendship and equality.

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Prince William & Kate Middleton Wedding. In order to celebrate the wedding of prince William, and then issue this commemorative stamp

27, a team of heavily armed British soldiers

Speaking of the royal wedding of the most expect moment, after the wedding ceremony, William and Kate Middleton will rode in the carriage seeps from Westminster to leave, heading to Buckingham Palace, along the street accepting to Millions people blessings and shout. However, just two kilometers, 15 minutes of romantic journey, but it’s a most rigorous test for British security department and police.

It is reported that the royal wedding security work consists of four British police departments involved, including the metropolitan district police, Scotland Yard, the city police and traffic police.

Carriage parade key protection

To 29, when William and Kate will ride carriage to Buckingham Palace, carriage forward speed of only about 8 kilometers per hour. Although well-dressed of accompanying staff, are in fact heavily armed plain-clothes bodyguards.

British police will send 5,000 police officers; there are also thousands of plainclothes guards at the scene. In addition, the 50 countries attending the wedding of state and thousands of royal guests will also be provided 70 to 80 by the police team close protection.

The design of the wedding carriage parade route itself through careful security considerations, along the route are mainly government buildings or palace.

“Carpet search” of explosives

In addition, the London police have repeatedly launched against explosives “blanket search “action, almost “every inch” places left off.

4 months ago, Prince Charles and Camilla just experienced the demonstrators’ siege events. The royal wedding security action, by the police as a “revenge” opportunity.

Potential threat

The greater threat of big fans

Molecules were refused entry at risk

Some experts believe that, part of the royal family’s enthusiastic fan, that form the security threats might even more than a terrorist organisation. These fanatics will find a way through the various means of harassment, tracking or threat the royal family member.

Because they often act alone, and it is not noticeable, therefore, more difficult to guard against.

Psychological experts involved in security

According to the British authorities estimate, there are hundreds of such fanatics. Therefore, British established a little-known group, called “fanatics Threat Assessment Center”, members from psychologists and police components.

Several currently living overseas, “high risk” fanatics, said to have been temporarily refused entry by British authorities.

According to a British government spokesman estimated, security costs conservatively estimated at 1100 million dollars.

However, the security people estimated to cost at least 30 million U.S. dollars, even some estimates as high as $120 million.

Prevention focus objects

Three extreme organizations into blacklist

Terrorist organizations, anarchists and other political extremist forces apparently would be royal wedding safe hidden trouble.

In addition, the British police also rejected the “anti-crusade” and “right-wing resistance organization” the two religious extremist organisations wedding day held protests in the application.

The 60 prisoners released on bail will also be banned in the wedding day into the Westminster area.

Airport security meticulous

When I just came to London’s Heathrow airport, I accepted the current British police security measures.

In accepting the security check, my notebook computers, digital cameras, mobile phones, even a small MP3, have been carefully scanned by the anti-explosive scanners. And standing behind me, a young girl carrying a replica handbag, wearing flat sandals, all handed over to security personnel for further inspection.

2011 is the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” for last year, but also is the “second Five Year Plan” determined year, even is the future planning years, fifteen years development year. In China’s brand replica clothing industry will innovate the core value of brand development as the goal, achieve brilliant creation.

First, the “going public” year, enterprise echelon, enter “big enterprise established development era

“Capital” is the enterprise one of the most important resources. After the brand cultivation period, the market has been formed a batch of development of more than ten years, more mature, have a fixed core brand competitiveness of the enterprise groups, these enterprise due to sweep the sands, after surviving again went to the same competitive level, accept the “purification” market again. In order to get the preemptive opportunities, and better protect themselves in the war of capital, corporate listing will become a lot of company financing as one of ways the principal means. Garment plate number listed company rapidly increase, as more companies listed, replica clothing industry will distance “big enterprise” era further.


Second, Market segmentation, cultural promotion, emerging markets and consumption patterns emerge

“Fast fashion “Time really comes. Metropolitan new generation of consumers have  “the grass is always greener “consumer orientation, cell phones, watches and even cars, old and new alternate very faster. Experienced an economic crisis, more and more consumers prefer to buy some fashion, “cheap”, do not want to buy a “gold” high but expensive name brand clothing. Really high-quality low-cost “fast fashion “closer and closer to us, Metersbonwe represented many domestic brands have entered the “fast fashion” track.

“Online shopping” occupy a big part in the proportion of total sales. Online shopping company confidently explore the survival and development path, and even mail order companies, online bookstores are actively expanding business clothing at online shopping. Reliable and convenient online payment, “online shopping” are developing continuously. “Replica” will become prevalent in certain scope. When urban white-collar individualized consumption demand inflation up, “replica” has become almost identity and taste of special reflects. “Replica” has being installed at brand stores and high-level office buildings, hotels in the future sadly arisen. Although “replica handbag still cannot become a short-term sales share of absolute mainstream consumption model, but inevitably become 2011 clothing consume market after a shining star.

Third, International brand enter into China, China enterprise seek international road

By 2011, China apparel market will appear more international brand stores. International integration makes the global distance narrowed, different countries in the same brand, similar design costumes are common. The Chinese people life style changes undergone tremendous changes, increasingly internationalized Chinese clothing market. Overseas brand will leave no stone unturned in demand rises, but when not yet mature initiative, controlling China’s market share. Chinese enterprises in international appearance is to more frequent, international will be accepted “Chinese clothing”, “Replica Clothing” and “China enterprise” by the “factory of the world” has gradually turned to the leading status. China apparel internationalization has clear objectives.

Bing Can Replace Google in 2012?

Posted: April 17, 2011 in Internet

We all know that Google is currently search engine field without controversy Kings, but recent data show that Microsoft makes with all one’s strength Bing is likely a challenge for Google in the near future, there might even replace Google become search engine of a new generation of No. 1.

According to foreign media reports, deadline March 2011, Google with 64.62% market share the top spot in the U.S. search engine sit tight, but in the past 6 months, Microsoft’s Bing rapid growth speed is amazing, now Bing has dominated American search engine market 30% market share, if accordance with this growth rate keep it up, sooner or later, Bing will the status of a serious threat to Google, even replace Google.

Let us back in September 2010, at that time Google’s market share as much as 72.15%, while Bing was 23.64% market share.

Mashable site made a chart can let us clear see from last September to between march this year, between the Google and Bing the flux.

Then Mashable website according to the present development situation and produced a prophecy charts, we can see from the table, if they continue to follow the words of the current rate of development, January in 2012, Bing will usher the intersection with Google, then will replace the latter is called market NO. 1 search engine. Of course it’s just media analysis just.

Just like abroad brand industry impact the traditional Chinese brand replica handbag industry, as incompatible as fire and water, competition is intense. The reality is any company in the initial rapid development will keep a high growth rate, but in certain scale later will meet bottlenecks, so we can conclude that, Bing’s war with Google is bound to be a protracted war.

But in such a competitive environment, whether it is advantageous for us?