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President Obama on May 1 night suddenly held a press conference to formally announced the al-qaida leader Osama Bin Laden had died, many Americans have exalted flag gathered to White House nearby, they shouted slogans, celebrating the death of Osama Bin Laden.

On May 2, U.S. President Barack Obama, said world more secure because Osama Bin Laden’s death more secure.

“World safer because of the war on terror” rhetoric in former President Bush for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have to defend the speech often appears. Bush issued a statement saying congratulations.

Obama said the United States to fulfill his promise to see “justice is done”, as long as working together, work together, and not accomplish anything.

Obama’s top counter-terrorism advisor John in the press conference said:” U.S. relations with Pakistan to defeat the “base” organization is critical.”

Bin Laden was killed; certain radical organizations have post some avenged posts at some network forum. Foreign analysts believe Osama Bin Laden was killed in the vicinity of Pakistan Military Academy, but U.S did not inform Pakistan in advance of the action, US-Pakistan relations likely to complicate.

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Bin Laden "dead body photo” Been identified as fake

At May 2, Pakistan TV stations retracted previously considered was Bin Laden dead body Pictures, this photo was confirmed to be a forgery.

Pakistan’s largest television network Geo’s bureau officer said:” This is a fake picture, it appeared in the Internet in 2009.”

The bureau proprieter Jawad said:” After verification we find it is a fake photo, therefore, we recycle it.”

In photographs, the deceased forehead and the left temporal were full of blood, right eye was punctured, but left eye ball was visible, dead disheveled, Mouth slightly opened, visible teeth.

But unlike released Osama Bin Laden before the video shows have long grey and white beard, pictures of the dead face was full of pitch-black bushy beard.